Pro Ball Portable Electronic Scoreboard Basketball Hoop for Kids, Adjustable Height Design up to 65”

      Easy Setup Basketball Hoop – Just fill the base of the portable basketball standard with water or sand to create a sturdy base for playing

      Electronic Scoreboard – The backboard contains an electronic scoring capability, and it can generate light and sound

     Ships With Basketball – The game includes a ball that’s the perfect size for use with this portable hoop, as well as an inflation pump

     Adjustable Height – When small children need a shorter basket to help them have more success, just lower the height of the backboard and hoop as needed

     Ships in Carrying Case – All of the parts will fit inside a sturdy carrying case, allowing you to take it anywhere for a game

When kids want to play basketball anywhere and at any time, the Pro Ball Portable Electronic Scoreboard Basketball Hoop for Kids is the perfect choice. This portable basketball hoop has a small size that’s ideal for children and that is ready for setup anywhere. The backboard has an electronic scoreboard built into it, and it generates lights and sounds that will let the kids feel like they’re playing in a real arena. Adjust the height of the hoop to accommodate children of all ages.