Air Soccer Bowling With Light-Up Pins, 7.37” H x 2.5” W

Child’s Bowling Game – Kids can use the soccer ball disc as a bowling ball, knocking down the glowing bowling pins
Air Powered Disc – The 3.5-inch-diameter soccer disc glides on a cushion of air from a built-in battery-operated fan, creating extra fun versus a plastic bowling ball
Light-Up Bowling Pins – Each 7.37-inch-tall pin ships with two 1.5-volt batteries included, allowing it to glow for the game
Foam Bumper Disc – The air gliding disc includes a foam bumper around its perimeter, making it safe for play indoors
Multiple Pin Colors – The pins will glow with red, green or blue colors

Change up a tired game of child’s bowling with the Air Soccer Bowling With Light-Up Pins game. Instead of a plastic bowling ball, kids will propel a 3-1/2-inch-diameter disc that glides on a cushion of air toward the pins. Each of the 7-3/8-inch-tall pins includes batteries and LED lights, creating a glow for nighttime fun. The disc looks like a soccer ball from above. It has a foam bumper around the circumference of the disc, creating a safe option for use in the house.