Sports Games

Bring the excitement of your favorite sports home with Pro Ball Sports, Arcade Games and Air Soccer games and toys.

The game may be over, but the thrill lasts for a lifetime. When your favorite sports teams aren’t playing, you can celebrate the games with these interactive toys and games. Built to be rugged and durable, these sports toys for kids help teach a love of physical activity, promote fun competition and help power through boredom.

Plenty of sports

What sports do your kids like? Our line of toys features several of the most popular games:

  • Basketball: Our toys capture the thrill of making clutch shots at the biggest moments. You can get a simple basketball hoop with electronic scoring, or a side-by-side tabletop arcade game. You’ll even find baskets perfect for floating in a swimming pool or attaching to a clothes hamper.
  • Soccer: The beautiful game translates well to these toys. Your kids will love the thrill of a hovering disc that floats across your floor or table, transforming any tabletop into an air hockey table. Or your kids can BECOME an air hockey table with a hovering soccer disc they can kick into a goal.
  • Bowling: Perfect for a summer night, our air soccer bowling kits feature light-up pins and a hovering disc.

Built to last

Nothing can be more disappointing than a toy that breaks during the first session of use. These sports toys for kids are built to last for plenty of playtime. The materials used are also safe for the home.

At Maccabi Art, we love helping families share the thrill of sports. The right game can start a lifelong love of physical activity, and help create memories that last a lifetime. You’ll love our prices and outstanding shipping rates, but even more than that, you’ll love the fun you have with your kids.