Collectible Sports Figures

Celebrate your favorite players with sports figurines from Maccabi Art.

A team is more than a logo or a set of coordinated colors. If it wasn’t for the athletes who wear those logos, we’d have no reason to display them. These players are the reason we become fans: They make the memories that thrill us with every victory and break our hearts with every loss.

With sports action figures from Maccabi Art, you can turn your memorabilia shelf into a valuable collection of history and fandom.


NBA Sportzies feature your favorite players of today and yesterday. Featuring officially licensed team logos and uniforms that match the era they played in, NBA Sportzies are designed to feature the likenesses of those legends that made the game great. From Allen Iverson to Shaquille O’Neal, from Scottie Pippen to David Robinson, you’ll find many of the greats.


We also carry MLB Sportzies from your favorite baseball teams, celebrating All-Stars such as Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Yadier Molina and Justin Verlander. These collectable figurines are sized just right to fit in any sort of display, and feature spitting-image likenesses.


Our line of sports figurines for soccer is impressive, featuring a large lineup of Sportzies and FanFigz, which feature a full-figure likeness of greats such as Lionel Messi.

Perfect for any collection

Whether you are looking to round out your own display of sports memorabilia or give a fan an unforgettable gift, it’s hard to go wrong with sports action figures from Maccabi Art. Each one is officially licensed and features accurate depictions of logos and colors from each team — that’s a big deal for sports fans.

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