Collapsible Sports Water Bottles

Stay hydrated during your favorite game with collapsible water bottles from Maccabi Art.

It’s important for kids to be able to quench their thirst anytime, whether they are playing in a game or sitting in class. Many classrooms now allow kids to have water bottles at their desks — while schools have reopened after the pandemic, many drinking fountains inside those buildings remain switched off.

A collapsible sports water bottle is perfect for your sports-loving child.

Smart design

Our foldable water bottles feature an innovative design that makes them easy to carry when full, and even easier when empty.

Most of these water bottles expand to hold 18 ounces of water. Made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone, your kid won’t be in danger of exposure to harmful materials or harsh chemicals. The lids are designed to be secure and tight, and the leak-proof spout allows them to drink without making a mess.

When the bottle is empty, it collapses to a more manageable size. A clip at the top makes it easy to attach the bottle to a backpack.

Exciting look

These sports water bottles are as fun as they are functional. Your kid will love carrying such a unique water bottle around, whether they are at practice, hiking, camping or simply studying in class. Each bottle collapses into the shape of a ball from their favorite sport, whether it’s soccer, basketball, tennis or baseball.

We have three-packs available to keep as extras. You’ll also find these collapsible sports water bottles in our sports bundles for European soccer, basketball and more.

At Maccabi Art, we work with manufacturers to ensure the most durable, reusable products possible. We know how hard kids can be on things they use often, and these water bottles will stand up to that abuse. You’ll love our prices, and you’ll love the reactions from your kids as they use these super fun water bottles.