Juventus FC

Juventus fans will find amazing team gear at Maccabi Art.

Ah, the joy and pain of being a fan of the Bianconeri. Juventus is a Serie A club with more than 100 years of success. Yet despite the club having years of championship-winning history, the team still feels like an underdog for fans.

The fan base is unique for how it spreads all across Italy, instead of sticking to the Turin region. It’s never been easier to root for Juve: European soccer games are being shown increasingly on American sports networks, and the internet makes it easy to keep up with the movements of the team and its players.

At Maccabi Art, we make it simple to be a proud Juventus fan.

Officially licensed

When it comes to Juventus FC, we offer officially licensed gear that features the club’s logo and colors, right down to those signature stripes.

OK, so Juve’s team colors aren’t exactly the most vivid — it’s hard to get black and white wrong. But our official license means that our gear features official team logos and looks. Whether you get a Juventus soccer ball or a pair of Juventus socks, you’ll be fitting in with other fans of La Vecchia Signora.

Our lineup of merchandise features:

  • Backpacks for youth and adults that are perfect for carrying gear on the go. Made to be durable and sturdy, these backpacks will last through plenty of seasons.
  • Duffel bags and lunch bags that collapse into a soccer ball when not in use.
  • Lunch bags that keep your meals as hot or as cold as you like.
  • Car decals and stickers that let you place the Juventus look and logos in prominent positions at your place.

You’ll also find fan bundles that pair many of these products together at one low price.

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