Maccabi Art features unique gear featuring your favorite NBA teams.

There’s no season quite like basketball season. From the opening games, through the All-Star weekend to the thrilling playoffs, basketball fans know there’s nothing like the fast-paced thrills of the NBA’s incredible athletes doing superhuman things. Whether you watch long-playing royalty such as LeBron James or follow exciting new players such as Zion Williams, or whether you love your favorite team, Maccabi Art offers exciting, sharp-looking gear that lets you celebrate your favorite teams.

Officially licensed

We are an officially licensed partner with the NBA to offer lunch bags, duffel bags, sunglasses and more. That means several good things for you:

Our products have authentic art and logos. Some NBA teams make changes to their logos and looks on an almost annual basis. Other teams stick with the same classic looks that have carried them through decades. With Maccabi Art, you’ll be ready for the season.

Our products are high-quality. It’s hard for a manufacturer of poorly made goods to get officially licensed. Our backpacks, duffel bags and lunch bags are built to last season after season.

Unique items

You’ll find unique items at Maccabi Art that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Our ball to duffel bags transform in front of your eyes from a basketball with a large team logo to a handy, sturdy duffel bag perfect for trips to the gym.
  • Our lunch bags feature the same hidden switch and are made to keep your lunch hot or cold.
  • Our backpacks are durable and built to last season after season.
  • Our folding sunglasses tuck away for easy storage and feature a classic Wayfarer style.

Pick your favorite team and see what we have. We’re always working to develop exciting new basketball team gear packages, sports bundles and new items. With Maccabi Art, you’ll be decked out with your favorite team in style.