Collapsible Silicone Baseball Water Bottle Maccabi Art, 1 Liter

  • Food Grade Silicone – Our Baseball-shaped kids water bottle consists of BPA-free silicone that has no harsh chemicals
  • Includes a Carrying Clip – The secure clip at the top of the BPA-free water bottle allows you to carry it hands free
  • Large Capacity Water Bottle – With 1 liter ( 34-ounce) of capacity, kids will have plenty of water on hand for playing Baseball, hiking or attending school
  • Collapsible Design – When extended, either end of the water bottle looks like half a Baseball, and when fully collapsed, the bottle takes on a round Baseball shape
  • Leak Proof Drinking Spout – Kids won’t spill the water while they’re drinking, thanks to the secure lid and the drinking spout mechanism

For children who love Baseball, the design of the Collapsible BPA-Free Silicone Sports Water Bottle for Kids will have them excited to stay hydrated. Each liter (34-ounce) water bottle has half a Baseball on either end with a pitcher, catcher and batter in the middle of the bottle. After use, the child can fold down the soft silicone water bottle, placing the two halves of the Baseball together, resulting in a round shape.