Major League Baseball Sportzies

Baseball fans and sports collectors will love MLB Sportzies baseball figurines from Maccabi Art.

Part of the fun of being a baseball fan is collecting memorabilia and merchandise from your favorite teams. From hats to bats, from pennants to programs, collections usually feature a wide variety of curios, artifacts and other interesting items.

These Sportzies miniature baseball player figurines will quickly improve your collection.

Unique look

Collectors who don’t have room for bobbleheads will love these baseball figurines. Standing at 2.5 inches tall, each one features a large-headed likeness of the game’s biggest players, as well as accurate team uniforms and logos.

They offer a unique look that’s different from most of the other figurines available. Their unique size and shape make them easy to place in a collection. They are also perfect for office desks: They rest securely on computers and office shelves.

Officially licensed by MLB and the MLB Players Association, Sportzies are available for many of the game’s legends. Justin Verlander, Mookie Betts, Pete Alonso, Aaron Judge and more are waiting to fill out your collection.

Great gifts

MLB Sportzies made outstanding gifts for baseball fans of all kinds. Some fans collect as much as possible from any team playing. Others stick to a division, and others stay with their favorite team. Sportzies are a great addition to any collection, and they can even be the start of a collection.

Available for a low price, keep an eye out for bundles that give you even more savings and the possibility of free shipping.

These collectible baseball figures are part of a large line of officially licensed MLB merchandise available at Maccabi Art. When you sign up for our email newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about new products and exciting sales for your favorite gear.

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