Boston Celtics Collapsible Mesh Backpack Maccabi Art

Grab your gear and go with this Boston Celtics mesh backpack from Maccabi Art.

Officially licensed by the NBA, this Celtics backpack is a fantastic choice for workout gear. The mesh material allows for transparency that may be required by athletic venues or schools, and is surprisingly durable. Measuring in at 16.1 by 16.7 by 5.9 inches, it opens up into a single compartment with a mouth wide enough to handle a pair of trainers for a day at the court or in the gym.

This clever backpack is as versatile as Larry Bird. It collapses for easy storage: It fits inside the two shells to transform into a basketball with the Celtics logo on the sides. The shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable, and the handle makes this easy to grab in a dash.

Show the world your Celtics pride, no matter where you go. This mesh backpack is part of a large line of Celtics merchandise and gear at Maccabi Art.